Wheelchair Vehicles

At Motorman Imports we are proud to offer an affordable high quality range of wheelchair and special access vehicles. We are a VOSS (government funding) registered dealer. We carry a selection of used vehicles ready for immediate delivery. We can also import a particular vehicle for you directly from Japan.

There are a number of local companies that offer costly aftermarket modifications to existing vehicles to allow for wheelchair access.

At Motorman we specialise in wheelchair and special access vehicles manufactured by Toyota and Nissan. Their high level of functionality and quality of design makes for a superior and more cost effective option than modified aftermarket alternatives.

All of our vehicles pass strict Australian Design Rule compliance and safety procedures before delivery to our customers.

The main variations of wheelchair access vehicles we stock are:

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Factory fitted wheelchair accessible vehicles from Japan that have access via a low rear entry ramp are known as a “sloper”. The sloper is designed to allow the passenger to be seated in their wheelchair or mobility scooter during the course of their journey. The redesigned body allows for maximum space and ease of use. A light weight ramp combined with hydraulic lowering suspension gives a comfortable low entry angle into the vehicle, this is operated using a simple remote control. The passenger is secured in place using a combination of automatically retracting belts for the front, electric or manual tensioning rear points and an approved seatbelt.

Slopers are most commonly available in Toyota Estima, Toyota Alphard, Toyota Noah and Nissan Cube options.

Sloper Line


Welcab assisted models are designed to facilitate boarding and exiting and other care related activities. They are fitted with an electric lowering seat on the passenger side allowing the occupant the ability to choose the ideal height for standing or transferring to and from a wheelchair. The seats are equipped with fold away foot rests to help support the occupants legs if required. Welcab seats are most commonly fitted to the second row of seats and  occasionally in the front passenger position. They use the standard seatbelt and are suitable for additional harnesses if necessary.  Welcab’s are also available where the lift chair is actually a complete stand-alone wheelchair which is combined with an easy to use docking system.

Welcabs are most commonly available in Toyota Estima, Toyota Noah and Nissan Cube options.

Disabled Cube

We always keep a good range of disability vehicles in stock. We are also able to source and order vehicles to suit your requirements. There are a few additional options which are available to order: